I’m launching my own business!!!!!


I turn 30 this year, and I’ve had my mind set that this was the year I stop “asking for permission” and just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? After three or four years of brainstorming, going forward, moving backward, etc., I’ve decided to start a business all my own. That business is The Haute Blogger Design Co, a media kit and blog design company, launching on Monday, February 16th.

If you’ve read Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging, you’ll know that I love sharing what I know with other people. I don’t keep many things to myself. I know that most bloggers want to make money (I sure do), and one of the most important assets to making that happen is a media kit, and that’s exactly what I’ll help you with. I’ll be making custom designs and selling templates at my Etsy shop. The blog designs will be added a little later, and I’m working on my own blog re-design right now.


The last few weeks have been absolutely thrilling, and utterly exhausting. I am on my computer all hours of the night, balancing blog posts, coding, copywriting and making tutorials. It’s really the most exciting challenge I’ve ever taken. I’ve already shared some sneak peeks on Twitter and Facebook. If you want the official details, sign up for the mailing list on the website.

Guys, I’m SO excited. : )

I think I want to be a minimalist

Image c/o Into Mind

This will be hard. I’m one of those people with clutter every where — my side of the bedroom, my wardrobe, my mind. But since I’ve moved in with my husband, I’m definitely getting better.  The Haute Blogger launches next month, and I’m going to be making a lot of changes as far as time management goes. So while I’ve been working hard all day, I’ve also been taking breaks and reading Into Mind, a minimalist fashion and lifestyle blog. The beginner’s guide, 30 day challenge and practical minimalism posts have me ready to dive in. Guys, I think I can do this. I’m at a point where I’m finding clarity, and I realize that I don’t want to live like this anymore!

The first thing I’m tackling is my closet. I definitely don’t want to say that I’ll commit to the guide pictured above, but I definitely need to downsize. I joined Poshmark ages ago, but I’ll be adding some items to my shop over the next few weeks. I doubt I’ll wear my wedding shoes again, might as well sell them! How about that awesome size 4 Kenneth Cole dress? I’m selling it. I’m excited for a fresh start!

Later on, I’d like to dive into all the crap that’s around the house. Why the heck are there so many papers? Do we really need so much stuff in the pantry? I see a fun (and decluttered) 2015 ahead!

Revisiting MAC Matchmaster Foundation

My friend (and loctician) happened to hit the MAC store in Times Square and splurged on some new products. She brought them in to work and asked me how to use them. To my surprise, one of the products was MAC Matchmaster Foundation in 7.5, the exact color I needed to try! She let me take a few pumps home in a sample jar, so I’m sharing the results with you today. Sorry for the bad skin, this happens every time I get my brows threaded!   I gave it a try when it first came out, but the 8.0 was just too dark for me.

Here’s the before and after:


As you can see, the 7.5 has a fair amount of yellow in it, which makes sense since it’s the NC50 equivalent.  View my entire post on MAC Matchmaster including detailed info, more pictures and charts right here.

Magnolia Makeup: Soul Glo and Gilded Swatches

Magnolia Makeup Soul Glo Illuminating Powder and Gilded Pigment

I have a slight confession. Back at The Makeup Show (2008?), I had a MUA from Magnolia tell me that my foundation was all wrong and the color made me look sick. So I pretty much wrote the company off that day. But while watching one of Makeup Game on Point’s Christmas tutorials, I had a change of heart.

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LA Girl Pro Conceal Swatches and Review

IMG_5976 copy

When the social media world goes nuts over bargain products, you know they must be really, really good. So as usual, I had to go ahead and place an order. I wasn’t too sure which colors I really wanted, so I bought these five. Grand total? $15. [Read More…]